In Progress

Project Splatter (UK)

Project SPLATTER (Social media platform for estimating roadkill) is a citizen science research project based at Cardiff University that collates wildlife roadkill data reported by members of the public across the UK. The main aim is to estimate the impacts roads have on all UK wildlife species. Working with partner organisations data are used to mitigate risk to all species. Where, when and what species have been seen are reported by the public using Twitter @ProjectSplatter, Facebook, App, email or web form.

Animal-Vehicle Collisions (Czech Republic)

An unknown number of animals, between tens and hundreds, are killed on the roads and railways in the Czech Republic every day. Neither the species involved nor the ratios are generally known. was launched to coveras many AVC sources as possible in one place. This application is accessible through common web browsers and allows the user to input, edit and browse data gathered by other users. Every registered user can add data. Users have several authorizations which are based on their status.